Cockfighting Game Cheating Trap

Cockfighting Game Cheating Trap – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, along with the traps of cheating cockfighting gambling.

Chicken fighting cheating methods are used by chicken owners hoping that the chicken fighting opponents who will be found in the cockfighting arena are weaker. Of course, with the hope that when you compete later, your spur fighting cocks will win easily.

To defeat an opponent’s chicken, there are actually many tricks to win in a fight, for example by using a chicken that has good quality and also has good care to fight other chickens. And the average chicken that has these qualities wins the fight. However, there are also chickens that have below average quality that can win the battle arena, it could happen because of the luck factor.

And actually there is one more factor that can guarantee the victory of the fighting cocks in the battle arena, which is what the Cockfighting Agent will describe, not if not with the cockfighting trick, where there are two tricks to be able to beat your opponent by cheating in the battle arena. Following are the chicken match cheating tricks:

Cheating Tricks That Are Commonly Performed (Already Endorsed by the judge / referee)

1. Owners of fighting chickens consider that their chickens are smaller and younger, even though the opposing chickens have the same size and age. This has the goal of being paired with a chicken that is smaller and younger in size or you can also want to get an opponent with a shorter spur, the point is to get an opponent who is easy to beat.

In reality like this usually the fight can run just like that because in general, the average hobbyist of fighting cocks, especially beginners (not yet professionals) who does not have the patience because they want to immediately see their rooster fight. In other words, pay less attention to the opponent’s cock. An example of a case so that chickens look younger: by plucking the crushed tail feathers when they are 8-9 months old. Chickens are still cared for as usual (care for fights). Age 10-11 months, the tail feathers will look younger and make the impression like a chicken only 7 months old.

2. One of the owners of fighting cocks can say that the fighting cocks he brings are not in good health / not fit, this kind of thing has often happened in the world of cockfighting because by expecting to get weaker opponents. sometimes still deceived by reasons like that

For example, by smearing the head of a chicken with egg white to make it look like an unhealthy chicken (ringworm), people may take the health of the opponent’s chicken lightly. Or it could be by placing a pebble on the sole of the foot and then bandaging it, and if the chicken walks, it becomes lame. This is so that the opponent’s chicken is mistaken for a boil so that later he can get a weaker opponent / partner. And when fighting, the bandages will be removed by the owner of the chicken and finally the chicken can win the fight in a short time. This kind of thing has often happened in cockfighting arenas because it gets easy opponents. In fact, the owner of the fighting cock is sometimes still fooled by such tricks.…

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